Thematic Collecting

@ Manchester Museum


April 2016

Managing the marshes of S’Albufera

What draws tourists to Iceland?


Over the past few months we have been looking at migration in all it’s shapes and forms. Myself, Rachel and Dmitri traveled to Iceland on fieldwork recently and took the opportunity to ask some of the tourists on the small island of Heimay what had drawn them to visit.

There was a special excitement on Heimay that day as they had just welcomed the first cruise ship to bring tourists to the deep water harbor created by the 1973 eruption.


Migration of Ice Age Animals

We’ve been looking at the topic of migration over the last few months, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to re-visit a lovely interview with the Ice Age researcher Roger Jacobi, who sadly died a few years ago.

Roger had been researching Manchester collection for decades looking at the ebb and flow of animals in and out of Britain as the climate changed in the last Ice Age.

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