Thematic Collecting

@ Manchester Museum


December 2015

Thematic Collecting and Migration: Botanical Park and Gardens in Crete

A short interview with Petros Marinakis, owner and manager of the Crete Botanical Park and Gardens at Fournes near Chania, talking about the project to introduce new species of fruit trees and plants to the island.







Petra, Borders & Boundaries


This is the last film in my current thematic collecting and migration series, many thanks to Dr Petra Tjitske Kalshoven, lecturer in Social Anthropology at The University of Manchester, for participating.

In 2016 I’ll be back with more thematic collecting films!

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Tracey, Manchester & Multiculturalism


Here’s my second Thematic Collecting short film featuring Tracey Zengeni. Tracey’s collaborated with Manchester Museum over several years on a multitude of projects and it was fascinating to hear her thoughts:

I’ve got one more film to share with you from this current series so watch this space!

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